Ambo Studios was approached by Gallery 151 and Wallplay to create a complimentary installation for their Wildstyle graffiti retrospective gallery opening. When Gallery 151 was purchased and remodeled, during the endeavor a series of walls were torn up and discovered featuring the works of prolific NYC artists Freddy Fab 5, Jean Michelle Basquiat, Futura 2000, and many more. The gallery show represents the anniversary of its discovery, and an homage to several of these artists current work.

Ambo Studios created a digital replica of the wall, in which participants could explore and discover pieces of art and history just as the founders of the gallery did during its inception. Users could create a graffiti tag of their own while uncovering pieces of the wall's art, and fragments of a historic NYC. Guides were stationed by the installation to walk participants through the historical journey as they came upon each piece of graffiti.

The installation used a touchscreen as input, and a mirroring projection wall displaying the artwork to scale.

Programs: Touchdesigner, Photoshop